Bytes: the NFT's

EarthBytes project is a tribute to our planet, in the form of a growing, carefully curated collection of world heritage, beautiful landmarks, iconic buildings and cityscapes, embedded and eternally preserved in precious, meticulously crafted marbles, floating freely through the metaverse.

EarthBytes are timeless, simple, yet fun and captivating, providing an unexpected and surprisingly intimate view of Earth's treasures that makes you want to visit and care for those places. Each one will be minted exactly 7 times, some also with different moods. The hand made, limited edition EB-NFT's will be exclusively indexed, so each one is unique!

EarthBytes are created for your enjoyment and you may find that you keep watching them. Grow and trade your collection as you explore and reminisce Earth's diversity, coming to the space of your imagination in catchy bytes.

EarthBytes are created using (revised) Google Earth's and other imagery, original 3D art and various other sources, while adding a smooth, sometimes dramatic cinematographic touch. Artists are invited to contribute work of their own that blends in with the theme, and share in the revenues of NFT sales.

EarthBytes can be custom made for you! If there is some special place you love, be it a natural landmark, an architectural site, or even your own home or business property, just drop us a note and we bring it to life as an EarthByte, giving it a surprising new look and feel that you can show on your phone or tablet. Do see the small print below the page.

Randomly picked home, LA area. Click here to enlarge

EarthBytes are mintable NFT’s, this means that when you buy a piece, it gets created on the spot. The artpieces are collectable NFT’s, tradable on the open markets on Ethereum.

EarthBytes can be obtained by first getting yourself some Ether (ETH). Ethers are required to create an EarthByte.

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Explore the complete collection

EarthBytes are 40 to 60 second 720p (HQ) video clips. Each has a production number at the end to certify its uniqueness. Take a tour through the complete and growing collection below. Click to get a low res preview of your favorites. Full resolution originals can be minted on the EarthBytesFactory account at NFT platform

T O P   P I C K S
E D I T O R   P I C K S
B E A U T I F U L   S C E N E R Y   A N D   L A N D M A R K S
 I C O N I C   B U I L D I N G S   A N D   C I T Y S C A P E S
H U M B L E    B E G I N N I N G S

Custom EarthBytes:

It basically works the same as with the featured collection. The subject needs to suit the theme and you need to make sure that the source material is good quality. Your custom EB will initially be offered exclusively to you on

Applicable copyright terms:

"This license to use Google Earth and Earth Studio content applies to all types of film regardless of platform (and technology) distributed on..."

"If you're using Google Earth content in an online video (e.g. YouTube) primarily for educational, instructional, recreational, or entertainment purposes, you don't need to request permission, even if your work is monetized."

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