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Exploring viewpoints on the boundary of matter and abstract



"The Hydrogen Atom as an Integrative Eigenstate of the Bifurcating Quantum Field".
Publised by open access journal The Gazette of Medical Sciences
View / download: https://www.thegms.co/microvita/microvit-ra-20080202.pdf

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Presentation during the Stello (prev. Collin) ScaleUp meeting, for a new Academy of the Dept. of Infrastructure, Delft, Nov. 08, 2017. New methods in learning and innovation. Part II of talks in Vig, Denmark, July 2017. Pro-active instead of reactive care for the environment.

A transdisciplinary approach, blending philosophical, scientific and esthetic ideas
with contemporary concepts of consciousness

Can science predict the wavelengths of the primary colors every child can see?

Louis de Broglie's timely call for action


Beyond dualism and monism: complementary aspects of consciousness itself, steering evolution on all scales.

Today's challenges in modem physics. Keywords: geometrical self-interaction, bifurcation, confinement, hidden thermodynamics. A common playing field for quantum and cosmic may be found if the two get somehow synchronized - defining life itself.

"Observer" and the "observed" are ill defined and not the same as "subjective" vs."objective" - instead, the "observer" and the "observed" have common causes.

INNOVATION: algorithms for diagnosis- and training based on measurable heart and brain coherence - the potential to develop into a scientific approach in modern coaching, (psycho-) therapy, etc.. based on physics / and mathematics on the boundary of matter and abstract.

• Introduction to early research by Institute of Heart Math

• Heart and Brain Internal Coherence Diagnostics and Biofeedback by TrigunaMedia

• Additional notes on the history of ICC research: www.heartcoherence.com/history

Discovery on the boundary of matter and abstract

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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

Explore a new interpretation of Quantum Field Theory, based on a synchronized, more natural self-interaction of the scalar field, and the connection with Shrii P.R. Sarkar's microvita theory.

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A Quantum Theory of Microvita

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